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Vape Lingo Every New Vaper Should Know

Vape Lingo Every New Vaper Should Know

Vaping has only become more and more popular over the years. There are plenty of reasons why people are switching to vaping, whether it be all the amazing flavors and vape options, or more importantly, the health benefits.

If you are new to vaping, or if you just haven’t emerged yourself into the vaping culture, you are still aware that vaping pretty much has a vocab glossary of its own. If you aren’t familiar with all of the various vaping terms, it can all feel slightly overwhelming. Don’t worry though, just keep reading and we are going to get you a little bit more familiar with vaping terminology.

The Beginner’s Vaping Glossary

Here are some of the most common and important terms that you should get familiar with when new to vaping.

  • Advanced Personal Vaporizer: A bigger and more advanced type of vape device, typically with bigger batteries and a higher wattage and voltage.
  • Adapter: An adapter has dual threading and attaches to the vape to allow for different kinds of atomizers or clearomizers, etc., to be attached.
  • Analog: A slang term for traditional tobacco smoking devices, such as cigarettes or cigars.
  • Atomizer: The technical name for the heater coil.


  • Breathing: A process in which the e-juice is left exposed to air to allow for a better taste.


  • Cartomizer: A disposable device containing the atomizer and cartridge.
  • Cigalike: E-cigarettes designed to look like traditional cigarettes.
  • Clearomizer: A larger scale cartomizer with a tank, coil, and wick within the atomizer base. It is reusable for an allocated amount of time.
  • Cloud Chasing: An attempt to produce the largest vapor clouds possible.
  • Coil: The wire that heats up in order to produce vapor from the e-juice.


  • Drip Tip: An accessory that goes on the mouthpiece and creates the opportunity to drip the e-juice direction onto the cartomizer.
  • Dry hit: A hit with little to no e-juice. Generally executed for cleaning purposes.
  • A Disposable: An e-cig that is thrown out when it is out of juice.



  • Flooding: When there is too much e-juice in your device.


  • Gurgle: The sound made when there is too much e-juice.
  • GRAS: This an acronym that deems ingredients as safe by the FDA.


  • HV: High voltage device (above 3.7 volts).


  • Lung hit: When the hit is breathed directly into the lungs and not held in the mouth.
  • Leaking: When e-juice is leaking out of the e-cig.


  • Mod: A shorter word for modification. A more advanced e-cig that allows for better performance and additional features.


  • NRT: An acronym that stands for Nicotine Replacement Therapy.
  • Nicotine level: The level of nicotine within the e-juice.


  • Ohm: The measurement of electrical resistance in the device. Lower ohm devices create more vapor.


  • Pod Mod: A vaporizer that uses pods filled with e-juice.
  • PG: Propylene Glycol, a key ingredient in e-juice.


  • Sub-Ohm: Low levels of ohm, (see ohm) vape devices with low ohm are used for bigger and thicker vape clouds.


  • Throat hit: A throat hit is when a vaper can feel the vapor hitting the back of their throat.
  • Tank: The section of the e-cig that holds the e-liquid.


  • Vape pen: A vape device that mirrors a pen in size.
  • Vape: A verb for smoking an e-cig.
  • Vaper: A person who smokes e-cigs.
  • VG: Vegetable Glycerin, another key component ingredient in vape juice.


  • Wick: the cord in the tank that transfers the e-juice to the heated coil.
  • Wattage: The level of heat produced in capability, to turn the e-juice into vapor vial the coil.

Here at Luxor Vapors, we are a vape store in Arlington that knows our stuff. While stepping into the vape world can sometimes be overwhelming, there’s no need to worry as our team here will be happy to sort you out. If you have any questions or would like to check out our beginner’s kits or awesome selection of e-juice, contact us or come by today.

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