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Tips to make your coils last longer!

Tips to make your coils last longer!


When it comes to vaping, one of the most important things to keep up with, is the maintenance of your electronic cigarette. It’s a tiny machine, with tiny parts, and upkeep is necessary to keep it running smoothly and properly, as well as to make it last. Because they have different parts, it is necessary to replace said parts every occasionally. Whether it’s the e-juice itself, the battery, or the coil, replacement over time will be necessary. The good news is, if you take proper care of your e-cig, you will need to replace said parts less often…So, while we are on the subject, let’s talk about some tips to make your coils last longer…

#1 Prime your vape coil

Priming your coil is a bit like letting your car’s engine warm up on a freezing cold day, it’s healthier for your machine, and it keeps things running more smoothly. Priming your vape coil simply means soaking it with a bit of vape juice before installing it into your device. Not priming the coil beforehand, can lead to a shorter lifespan. After screwing in your new coil, look for the holes around the body of the coils’ head, and then place a drop of e-juice into each of these holes. You can also add a bit into the coil’s head.

#2 Avoid burnt/dry hits

What is a burnt/dry hit? It’s when there is no e-juice, or a very little amount of e-juice remaining, which then disables the coil from being able to heat. This then causes the coil to resort to heating the wick material instead, which can lead to that awful burnt taste you may have experienced. Whenever you are running low, just head over to your nearest e-juice store in Arlington to pick up a refill, trust us, it’s not worth burning out your coil. Also remember not to push the powering button for too long, as this can cause overheating. 

#3 Clean your vape coil regularly

Never neglect cleaning your coil properly. For a regular vapor, the coils will likely become gunk-ed up with congealed e-juice after a few days. This can negatively affect the taste quite substantially.

#4 Buy authentic coils, tanks, and mods

Buying cheap parts for your device will only end up costing you more in the long run. Make sure you are buying authentic pieces and parts to ensure that your device stays running for a long time.

#5 Monitor the VG levels of your e-juice

High VG juices have been known to damage coils. If you are having trouble with coils burning out too quickly, try buying e-juices with lower VG.

If you have any more questions about vaping, our team here at Luxor Vapor would be happy to help answer them. Contact us, or come by our DFW vape shop today, and let us assist in picking out the perfect vape, flavors, and parts for you.

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