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The Difference Between E-cigs and Mods

The Difference Between E-cigs and Mods

If you are new to the vape world, you may have found yourself a bit confused here and there when hearing about the different terminologies. Don’t worry, as you aren’t alone, and it won’t take you long to pick up on the different meanings. One of the first and most popular questions among new vapers is “what is the difference between e-cigs and mods?” Well, the truth is there are some pretty significant differences between the two that you will want to know before making the choice as to which one is best for you.

Deciding between the two is based upon what you want to get out of your vaping device. Do you want options for power? Or are you happy with the click of a button and vape as a result? Vapes are little pieces of technology and there are a lot of options and add-ons that you can choose alongside your vape. To learn more about the differences between an e-cig and a mod, and narrow down what might be best for you, keep reading.

Your Standard E-Cig

A standard e-cig is one of your more basic vaping devices. They are most commonly used by people who are just getting started in vaping, or by people who are light smokers. They are one of your lesser expensive options for vaping and also one of the easiest to use. They look about as simple as they are, a pen-like device with the circumference of about a roll of pennies or dimes and a button that tells the device to heat up the coil to trigger the vaping process. They are made up of the vape tank (atomizer) as well as the battery, coil, and mouthpiece.

These standard e-cigs vape tanks are usually less complicated. They often consist of fixed batteries, circuit boards (with limited voltage), as well as a pre-installed wick. They are sometimes made of more plastic material. You have to be a bit more careful when buying e-liquid for the devices if they have a plastic vape tank as certain e-liquids can cause corrosion of the plastic.

Your Variable Volt Mod

So, what is the difference between a standard e-cig and variable volt mod? The difference is in the power and customization. A variable volt mod e-cig allows the user to adjust the voltage/wattage of the device which then changes the levels of vapor that is produced. This device is great for those who are heavier vapers and want more options when it comes to their vape in terms of power, customization, and usability.

While you can change the settings on these types of vapes, you can also change out the rechargeable battery, which many vapors find to be convenient as one battery can be charged while a fresh and full one is then used to replace the dead one. These devices can sometimes look more intricate and contain more buttons and even LCD screens. While these devices are more popular among medium-to-heavy vapors, a lot of beginners opt for them as well.

Your Mechanical Mod

Someone who is passionate about vape devices, the vaping world, and vaping itself (constantly), will potentially have a mechanical mod. Although created for experts, you can still find a mechanical vaporizer mod in Arlington. The Mechanical Mod is sold separately and is an attachment for several other pieces and parts.

They do not contain circuitry and the battery connects straight to the coil. Typically, people who buy mechanical mods also make their own coils and wicks. Mechanical mods are powerful and have the ability to create large vapor clouds. Often the vape tank is a dripper which means the e-juice dropper bottle is applied to straight to the coil.

If you want to learn more about vaping or are looking for a great e cig store in Arlington, here at Luxor Vapors we can help. Come by our shop to see our great selection of vape devices, accessories, and e-liquids, or for more information simply contact us today!

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