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How to Get Rid of Vapor’s Tongue

How to Get Rid of Vapor’s Tongue


What is vapor’s tongue? Well, vapor’s tongue, sometimes referred to as vapor’s fatigue is a condition that typically encompasses the suddenness of one no longer being able to fully taste a particular flavor while they are vaping. An example is when you are vaping your favorite flavor of e-liquid and you suddenly notice the flavor is different or very weak. It isn’t something to worry about, especially if you take care of it as soon as you notice the symptoms.

How did I get vapor’s tongue?

Typically, one gets vapor’s tongue as a result of vaping the same flavor for too long, but there are other factors involved. Being dehydrated or sick with a cold can also highly influence whether or not you taste the same flavor, and this should be considered if you are experiencing the symptoms of vapor’s tongue.

Having a dry mouth means a lack of saliva, and your saliva plays a role in your taste. When you are sick with a cold and experiencing a blocked nose, this can also have a large influence on taste, as a big part of tasting is actually smelling. If you are experiencing the lack of taste due to a cold, then don’t worry, things will likely go back to normal as soon as you are feeling healthy again. If you aren’t sick, then keep on reading to learn about ways to get rid of and prevent vapor’s tongue.

How do I get rid of/prevent vapor’s tongue? 

#1 Switch up your flavors

Regularly switching up your flavors can help prevent vapor’s tongue from ever happening as it keeps your taste buds on their toes. If your taste buds never have the chance to get used to a flavor, your chances of experiencing vapor’s tongue will decrease. And don’t worry – if you switch to a new flavor, you can always switch back to your favorite. Just remember to keep mixing it up.

#2 Stay hydrated

You should always try to stay properly hydrated, especially if you vape, as it can increase your chances of dehydration. Whenever you are vaping heavily, make sure to increase your water intake to ensure your health as well as to decrease your chances of getting vapor’s tongue.

#3 Try smelling fresh coffee beans

Believe it or not, a lot of vapers try the trick of smelling fresh coffee beans. For some reason, this helps to reset your senses (smell and taste) and can help cure or prevent vapor’s tongue.

#4 Try sucking on a lemon

Just as smelling coffee beans can help to reset your senses, so can sucking on a lemon.

#5 Give your mouth a good cleaning

Many vapers have found that if they give their mouth a good cleaning by brushing their teeth as well as their tongue, and using mouthwash, it can help to get rid of vapor’s tongue. We suggest waiting at least 30 minutes or so after brushing before you vape again as the toothpaste itself could offset the flavor of your e-juice.

If you have more questions about vaping or are looking for new awesome flavors to try, you may be looking for a vape shop in Arlington. Here at Luxor Vapors, we have an amazing array of flavors and vape equipment, as well as friendly experts that are ready to help you out. Contact us or come by today and let’s find the perfect vape and flavor for you.

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