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How to choose the best vape juice?

How to choose the best vape juice?

One of the reasons we all love vaping so much is because of the amazing selection when it comes to e-juice and our preference of flavor, nicotine levels, etc. But the truth is, as amazing as the variety and options are, it can also be a bit overwhelming when it comes down to making the choice. One of the most commonly asked questions is that of, “which e-juice is best?” And the answer is typically, “well, it depends”. Unfortunately, there is no correct answer when it comes to choosing the best e-juice. However, depending on your device and preferences, you will be able to narrow it down. Whether you are new to vaping, experiencing the notorious vaper’s tongue, or just wanting to switch up your flavors, there are many reasons you may be making this decision.

What’s your flavor?

Typically, the first thing you will want to consider when picking out the right e-juice for you is what flavor you would like to try. Even if you are happy with the nicotine levels and chemical production of the e-juice, if the flavor isn’t to your taste, the other factors won’t matter.

The good and bad news is that there are so many different options when it comes to flavors for e-juice. So, how will you narrow it down? You will likely want to start with categories, i.e., fruity, savory, or tobacco blends. You will want to go with a flavor that you absolutely love and won’t get sick of before the vile is empty. If you are vaping to aid you in your quest to quit smoking, then you may want to go with a tobacco blend, like menthol.

How much nicotine do you want?

The next step after picking your flavor is choosing the nicotine strength of your e-juice. Here at Luxor Vapors, we will be happy to assist you with picking out the right nicotine levels for you.

  • If you are a light smoker… If you only smoke half a pack of cigarettes a day or less, than 6mg or less should be enough for your e-juice.
  • If you are a medium-range smoker… If you smoke half a pack of cigarettes or more per day, then you will want to go with around 9mg to 16mg.
  • If you are a heavy smoker… If you smoke more than one pack of cigarettes a day and are a heavy smoker, you will likely want to go with 18mg to 36mg of nicotine in your e-juice.
  • Other…If you are just wanting to vape for the sake of enjoying the flavor, to avoid snacking, or to simply try to fulfill the habit of hand-to-mouth, then your best bet is to go with zero levels of nicotine… yes, this is an option!

What do PG and VG have to do with it?

Two of the main ingredients used in e-juice are propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerol. You can buy e-juice that is made with one or the other, or e-juice that is made with a combination of both. Typically, PG aids in stronger flavor and VG is sweeter in flavor but produces larger amounts of vapor. A large majority of e-juices are produced with a PG/VG ration of 40/60, and typically this combination produces satisfactory results.

It may come down to trial and error

Many times, figuring out what you like will come down to trial and error. Start out with the flavors you know you like with the suggested levels of nicotine, and don’t be afraid to branch out from there.

What next?

If you are looking for more information on how to choose what vape juice is right for you, then Luxor Vapors is more than happy to help. Contact us or come by today and let’s get started.

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