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How e-juice is made at Luxor Vapors?

How e-juice is made at Luxor Vapors?


If you are a regular vape user, or even if you aren’t, you may be wondering, what exactly is e -juice made of? A lot of people fall to the myth that it is just “water vapor,” but that is not exactly right. People go on about how e-juice ingredients are a mystery, but that is also inaccurate. Unfortunately, a lot of talk goes around about vape juice and how it is so full of dangerous chemicals, but that is not right. So maybe you have found yourself asking the question about how e-juice is made, maybe you are just curious, or maybe you are wondering in terms of making the decision to switch from regular tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Whatever your reason may be, we are going to tell you about e-juice, aka vape juice, and how it is made.

E-juice has about 4 main ingredients

Most e-juice has four main ingredients: vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, flavoring, and nicotine. Occasionally you find a variation from shop to shop, but not too much. You can even head over to a nearby e-juice store in Arlington and ask them what their vape liquids are made of. For now, let’s learn a bit more about those four ingredients in e-juice…

Vegetable glycerin

So, let’s start with the main base, which is vegetable glycerin. Most manufacturers use certified organic VG. It is the main base, as it makes up most of the e-liquid itself. The VG is what helps create the large vapor release, you know, that amazing cloud you create when you use your vape. Glycerin is a natural substance that can be processed from most varieties of fat. VG comes from vegetables, hence its name. It is non-toxic, colorless, and odorless, although it does have a bit of a sweet taste. A lot of common products you are familiar with contain VG. It is used as a sweetener as well as a processor in keeping certain foods for sale moist. Many medicines also contain VG. It is safe and well-known and has never been linked to any sort of health problems.

Propylene glycol

This ingredient is the next prominent consistency of e-juice. Now propylene glycol is the ingredient in e-juice that gets the worst rep, as many people refer to it as the “anti-freeze” that is inside of vape juice. This is entirely false information and is taken completely out of context. PG is one of the ingredients in anti-freeze, but it is non-toxic which is why it’s used in the creation of anti-freeze, in the anticipation of creating a less toxic substance.


One of the reasons that people love vaping some much is the large array of flavor options they are presented with. The main consistency of e-juice doesn’t have much of a taste itself, which is why the different flavors are added. The flavorings used are food-grade additives. Some flavors that are added to food are harmful when inhaled, but the industry has made sure to eliminate those additives when it comes to making e-juice.


The final flavor that most e-juices contain, is nicotine. Although, it is important to keep in mind that you as the vapor can decide how much or how little goes into your e-juice, you can even choose e-juice that contains no nicotine at all. Nicotine gets a pretty bad rap, just like the vegetable glycerin, but it isn’t what it is cracked up to be.

If you have more questions about vaping or e-juice or are looking for a trusted and knowledgeable Arlington vape shop, here at Luxor Vapors, we can help. Come on by today and let us answer any questions you may have, and pick out the perfect vape and e-juice for you.

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