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Gift Ideas for Your Vaping Valentine

Gift Ideas for Your Vaping Valentine


It is that time of year again, the month of love, February. Every Valentine’s Day we try and get our creative juices flowing to come up with the best and most unique gifts for our loved ones. This year don’t worry about the creative juices, but rather, the e-juices.

If your partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, etc., love vaping, keep reading to learn about some great gift ideas for your vaping valentine. You can even take a few of these vape accessories and throw them all together to create a special gift basket of vaping love.

  1. Romantic e-juice flavors
    What is your valentine’s favorite e-juice? Either pick up some of their favorite flavors or try something a little bit more within the theme. From chocolate flavored e-juice, to rose flavored, to champagne flavored, there is something special that your valentine will love. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure, we have a large variety of awesome flavors to choose from here at our Arlington vape shop, and our team will be happy to help you choose.
  1. An extra battery
    An extra battery is a very useful vape accessory for anyone. Make sure you that your valentine always stays charged and ready with an extra battery to keep their vape powered when one dies. Pick one up at Luxor Vapors while you’re grabbing your favorite e-juices.
  2. A case
    A carrying case is an important part of vape ownership. Storing your vape pen properly is of utmost importance. Keeping your vape in a proper case will ensure its longevity as well as your safety. Pick up your sweetie a carrying case for Valentine’s Day this year to give them the gift of quality vaping on the go.
  3. An upgrade
    If your loved one has had their vape for a while now, why not buy them the upgrade they have been wanting? Pick up the latest and greatest vape mod or clearomizer and make their V-day extra special. Our team here will be happy to help you select the right one.
  4. A vape charm
    If your love bug already has their favorite flavors, an extra battery, the latest and greatest vape device, etc., then get creative and get them something super unique like a vape charm. 

When it comes to vaping, can you ever really have too much gear? Hardly. Come check out our awesome selection of Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved one and we will be happy to help you pick out the best here at Luxor Vapors. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.

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