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Beginners E-juice Guide

Beginners E-juice Guide

As a beginner stepping into the vaping world, it is very exciting, however, with all of the hundreds of options for e-juice in Arlington, it can also be slightly overwhelming. While if you know anything about e-cigarettes, you know that the battery of the e-cig is its heart, the atomizer of the e-cig is the brain of the device, and the e-juice? It’s the soul. So, when you find yourself standing in front of the never-ending vape wall, however will you choose? Let’s start at the beginning, answering the question as to what exactly e-juice is.

What is e-juice?

E-juice, or e-liquid, also called, vape juice, is sold separately from your device (unless you purchase a disposal e-cigarette. It is the fluid used in the e-cigarette to create the vapor. To create the reaction, the e-juice is heated up but the devices atomizer and coil to about 200 up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, turning the liquid into vapor. There are multiple different flavors, strengths (nicotine), and types. Generally, e-juice is made up of about 5 ingredients:

  1. Propylene glycol (PG)
  2. Vegetable glycerin (VG)
  3. Nicotine
  4. Food-grade flavoring
  5. Water

The PG and VG are used to help the flavors and nicotine distribute throughout the mix. VG is a liquid that is vegetable based and tastes a bit sweet. PG is used in many different types of flavorings to help distribute the taste. The food grad flavoring is the same type of flavoring that is used in many of your favorite foods such as ice cream, ketchup, and so on. While the PG and VG make up about 90% of the e-liquid, the remaining 10% consists of the food-grade flavoring, water, and nicotine.

How to choose

When it comes to picking your e-juice, you will need to choose from the flavoring, the base, and the nicotine levels. Let’s start with picking your flavor.

  1. Picking a flavor
    There are a ton of different e-juice flavors, some pretty crazy ones like pizza, and some really tasty ones, like cinnamon roll. If you are switching to vaping to help you quit smoking, you may opt to do what many before you have done, and choose tobacco flavored e-juice. You will likely want to start with the basic flavors before going to the more adventurous ones. Choose a flavor you know you love to start, like mint or pina colada, but don’t be afraid to branch out. 
  1. Choosing your level of nicotine
    Next, you will want to choose the level of nicotine that you want in your e-liquid. If you are switching from normal tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs, you can use this strength guide: 
  • Low: 6mg and lower – this is best for light smokers; if you previously consumed half a pack of cigarettes or less in one day
  • Medium: 9mg to 16 mg – this is best for the average smoker; if you consumed half of a pack to one pack per day
  • High: 18mg to 36mg – this is for heavy smokers; if you consumed more than one pack per day
  1. Choosing the base of your e-juice
    When it comes to the base of your e-juice you can decide on more VG dominant liquid or a more PG dominant liquid. PG creates for a harder throat hit with stronger flavor but a weaker vapor, while VG is a bit weaker in terms of the throat hit and flavor but provides thicker vapor. While you can choose one or the other, many opt for a mixture of the two, commonly a ratio of 40:60, PG to VG.

Our vaping experts here at Luxor Vapors will be happy to help you make all the right decisions when it comes to your e-juice and e-cigarette in Arlington. Take your basic knowledge from this post and come with your questions and we will help you choose which juice is just right for you!

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