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5 Myths About Vaping

5 Myths About Vaping

As the vaping trend has only grown over time, there are of course advocates for it, and of course, there are also critics of the trend. The truth of the matter is that millions of people worldwide have switched to vaping to avoid smoking; and what is most important here is that vaping is a much healthier alternative than smoking normal tobacco cigarettes. And whether you vape or not, we are sure there are several myths that you have heard about vaping, e-cigarettes, and vape juice. The truth is, that if you are educated or just partake in a bit of research you will soon realize that these rumors can be easily debunked. Check out these popular vaping myths below and read on as we explain to you why they are in fact, not true.

1. “E-liquids are dangerous and you don’t know what chemicals you are putting into your body”

If you are educated on vaping and the vape juice that goes into your e-cig, then you know that this is just a myth. Typically, there are only a few ingredients used in e-liquid, being, propylene glycol, natural or artificial food grade flavoring, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine (based on your preferences). Many people actually select to eliminate the nicotine all together.

2. “E-liquids contain anti-freeze”

This is quite the hectic rumor. And frankly, most vapors aren’t even sure how it got started. There is one ingredient in vape juice that is also used in anti-freeze, which is the propylene glycol. The silliest part of this myth is that propylene glycol is actually used in anti-freeze with the intentions of making it less harmful to someone if it is swallowed. This ingredient is also used in common foods and a few liquors as well.

3. “Nicotine causes cancer”
Many people fall to believe that nicotine is the main harmful ingredient that makes cigarettes so bad for you, where this is highly false information. The tars and chemicals used in cigarettes are what are so toxic to your body. Nicotine isn’t the dangerous ingredient put into cigarettes, but the ingredient put into to cigarettes to lead you to want them more. The most harmful part about nicotine is that it leads you to fall addicted to tobacco cigarettes and their harmful qualities.

 4. “E-cigs are a gateway to tobacco cigarettes for teens”

We aren’t really sure where this rumor came from, but it is not true. There have actually been several studies done on this, in which none have led to enforce this rumor, but actually have proven it’s falseness.

5. “Vaping produces formaldehyde just like tobacco cigarettes”

This rumor was born based on a study in the New England Journal of Medicine. However, there was a bit of unrealistic aspects that existed in this study making it not entirely reliable. The vaping study showed that a consistency of dry hits can lead to this production, but realistically, no vaper will continuously hit their vape if they are getting dry hits, as this is quite unpleasant.

If you have more questions about vaping, you can head to our Arlington e-cig store and we would be more than happy to address them. Here at Luxor Vapors, we care about our customers as well as their education on the subject and of course their happiness. Head to our vape shop in Arlington today and let us help to find the right vape for you.

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