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Read More 5 Myths About Vaping

5 Myths About Vaping

March 15, 2018

As the vaping trend has only grown over time, there are of course advocates for it, and of course, there are also critics of the trend. The truth of the matter is that millions of people worldwide have switched to vaping to avoid smoking; and what is most important here is that vaping is a......

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Read More How to stop smoking by vaping

How to stop smoking by vaping

February 27, 2018

  So, maybe you have been considering quitting smoking, but you are worried that it is going to be too difficult, or you just have been making excuses to put off quitting for quite a while now. Well, there is no time like now, and the good news is, there is an easier way out......

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Read More How to stop your tank from leaking?

How to stop your tank from leaking?

February 22, 2018

  If you are a normal vapor, there are probably a few common vape frustrations that you have encountered. Of the most common being dry hits and burnt taste, to running out of e-juice too quickly, another problem you may have experienced with your e-cigarette is a leaking tank. This is, of course, a sticky......

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Read More Tips to make your coils last longer!

Tips to make your coils last longer!

January 23, 2018

  When it comes to vaping, one of the most important things to keep up with, is the maintenance of your electronic cigarette. It’s a tiny machine, with tiny parts, and upkeep is necessary to keep it running smoothly and properly, as well as to make it last. Because they have different parts, it is......

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Read More New year, new you? Time to make the switch!

New year, new you? Time to make the switch!

January 3, 2018

It’s that time again, New Years. And what does that mean? It means New Year’s resolutions. It’s always an exciting time of year, as we find it to be the perfect time to reflect on ourselves and our lives and identify areas that we wish to improve ourselves and our quality of life. It’s invigorating......

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Read More 5 vape mistakes beginners make

5 vape mistakes beginners make

December 19, 2017

  Let’s face it, vaping is a form of technology being put into use, and that means, there is a bit more to it than the simple act of lighting up a regular tobacco cigarette. It’s important that when you get into vaping, that you learn to do it properly, and this is in regards......

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Read More Celebrities that Vape

Celebrities that Vape

November 24, 2017

  Vaping is a trend that has taken over quite quickly, and widespread. More and more people are switching from normal tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, and frankly, we are quite happy about it. Why? Vaping is an alternative, innovative, and healthier way of “smoking,” with a ton of benefits that outweigh your typical tobacco......

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Read More How does an electronic cigarette actually work?

How does an electronic cigarette actually work?

November 15, 2017

  So, you’ve made the switch from regular tobacco cigarettes to the healthier option of electronic cigarettes… that’s awesome news! Or maybe you just picked up on electronic cigarettes for some other reason, like to try out all the awesome flavors, to allocate yourself more places where you are allowed to ‘smoke,’ or even to......

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Read More Are you storing your ejuice properly?

Are you storing your ejuice properly?

October 23, 2017

Once you find your favorite e-juice flavors, you will most likely realize that the more you love it, the quicker you will run out. Having to make a trip after a trip to your vape store in Arlington isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is sometimes nice to have an extra bottle or two......

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Read More How to keep your vape gear clean

How to keep your vape gear clean

October 18, 2017

Many people make the mistake of not realizing the importance of keeping their vape gear clean. It can be a hassle, and therefore people have a tendency to pass up on their regular cleanings. But keeping your vape gear clean is extremely important for several reasons. It’s important in that the vape is able to......

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